BigFix Inventory VM Manager

I have BFI with 2 data sources and the BFI app is not installed on either data source BES root server but rather a different server. It appears that the VM Manager by default is installed on the BES Root server from the first attached data source.

Is there a way to install the VM Manager on the BFI App server rather than a root server, but still have it be in the centralized mode? I see the fixlet “Install Additional VM Manager Tool (OPTIONAL)” but I think this requires managing the config of the VM Manager tool at the endpoint and not in the BFI VM Manager WebUI, which is what I want.

My understanding is that yes you’d have to configure the vm manager on the endpoint. That’s what I’m doing.

There’s actually very little to configure on the endpoint, it’s a single text file and doesn’t change frequently (unless you change the VCenter/HyperV/whatever credentials). Should be pretty easy to build a custom task to drop a canned configuration file to your managers.

bummer. Yes, sounds doable with a custom fixlet but seems like it could be easily built into the product too.,