BigFix Inventory- Software detection issue

Hi All,

In our BFI environment I am seeing huge gap/drop of Software.

On 18th-Oct-2016 I had checked in BFI and I was able to find that IBM Lotus notes V_8.5 is installed on 28000 system whereas IBM Domino Messaging client access V_9.0 was installed on 438 systems But when I crosschecked on 23rd-Oct-2016 I was able to see huge gap in the count IBM Lotus notes count got reduced to 7845 and IBM Domino Messaging client access V_9.0 count got reduced to 70.

As per my understanding Normal Behaviour of BigFix Inventory is
Whenever we are performing Initiate Software Scan
and Upload Software Scan on the endpoints the Software information will be stored
in BigFix Database and Once the import is ran in BFI it will collect all the
Software information from BigFix Database and will store all the software
information in BigFix Inventory Database.

For Ex:- If BigFix Database have information for
800 Software and once the import is ran in BFI Application these 800 software
should always be present in BFI database.

But this is not happening in our BFI environment. Can anyone please let me know the reason behind it.

Thanks in advance.

I believe that is correct for the most part, but I think the only thing that would be an addition would be that if a machine is removed from BigFix, the content in BigFix Inventory won’t be removed until it is out of the actual database.

I don’t have the direct documentation link for this though, this was something told to me at Interconnect and I never looked it up to verify it.

Doubt you aged out that many machines, but thought it was worth a mention.


Actually all the machines are reporting to BigFix and today again I have again crosschecked in BFI and I am able see that IBM Lotus Notes V_8.5 is installed on 22984 systems and IBM Domino Messaging client access V_9.0 is installed on 542 Systems.
I am confused :frowning:

What does the dashboard say about catalogs that are out of date or machines that are missing scans?

It says catalog is missing on 5432 endpoints.

That may be your issue. I saw something similar when we moved BFI servers.

The catalog has to be 100% on the endpoint, or it won’t recognize the files. I don’t have as many endpoints as you do, but I did see a dramatic drop when the catalog was outdated. Especially if for some reason the catalog version was extremely old.

My 2¢ is to fix the catalogs, re-run the inventory, and see if that resolves the issue. If not, at least you have a current catalog and can rule that out.

It is true that the software scan will not be relevant on machines where the software catalog is missing, meaning it will not run at all. Make sure the catalog has been propagated to all of your clients and then rerun the software scan.


Thanks a lot everyone for your prompt response,Issue has been fixed :slight_smile:


Please share the solution as it might help someone in the future.

Yes, please share!

What was the “big fix”?

Hi All,
Below are the fix for the issue:-
1st:- Make sure that all the reporting endpoints are having latest catalog deployed.
2nd:-Run Initiate Software Scan Fixlet which will unzip the catalog file and will run different kind of scan"Catalog based scan,File System Scan,Software tag Scan etc"
3rd:- If Initiate Scan is not able to Unzip the catalog file then deploy Decompress Fixlet which will Unzip the catalog file and again run the Initiate Scan Fixlet and in IEM Console check for the output for "Time of last Catalog based Scan "Property
4th:- If time of last scan property is gathering current date which means scan is happening properly.
5th :-If still Time of last catalog based scan is showing older scan date for windows system then there is a chance that Wmic command is getting failed on the endpoints.
6th:-Check Wmic command is working or not If Not fix the issue and run the initiate Software scan task
7th:-This will resolve 90 % of issue.

If still issue persist Go to Analyses-> Scanner Information -> Result tab "Search for the error code"
Refer below link to fix the issue:-

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