BigFix Inventory rest api schema reference


where can I find a full reference of the BigFix Inventory REST API Schema?

I’m trying to retrieve the software instances ( with additional colums, but can’t figure out how to retrieve the hostname.

My query:

The error:
{“error”:“Don’t know how to report on column”}

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The software_instances object doesn’t include a reference to the computer_systems object. If you follow the procedure outlined here (Determining license usage for all computer systems) you can then merge the two datasets externally.

  1. Retrieve the list of your computer systems.

    Result: Each computer system has a different id. You can later use this id to create a match between your software instances and computer systems.
  1. Retrieve the list of your software instances.

    Result: Each software instance contains a computer_system_id column that represents an id of a computer that a particular instance is installed on.

Thank you for your reply. I finally did it that way.

You’re welcome. I’m glad it helped.