BigFix Inventory Oracle Audit zip for Oracle JRE

Has anyone used the Oracle Auditing generation and export for an Oracle JRE renewal?
We are going through the document listing the data sets in Oracle Auditing ZIP package details ( but we are trying to figure if there is a defined process for how we are supposed to adjust the values if necessary. For example everything comes up as Prod currently instead of non-prod, or qa for example. Are we just supposed to manually change it in the excel export each time it’s generated or is there a process to update machines based on domain or dns name somewhere within BFI?

We have similar questions for the other values like OCI, Support required, OTN, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

At present it’s manual process ( * Environment Type (Prod, Dev, Test, Q&A) – by default it is PROD and should be adjusted by customers if necessary)

Could you please send feedback to the BFI team which is at the bottom of the page? Or you can open an enhancement idea on the HCL Idea portal: HCL BigFix Ideas Portal (

I don’t see where to send feedback to the BFI team at the bottom of the page but i did create an enhancement request on the Idea portal. BFINV-I-372

Oracle Audit “adjustments” via properties or | HCL BigFix Ideas Portal (