BigFix Inventory Missing version revision data

Hello All,

I have been using BigFix Inventory for a few months now.
I am trying to track old software so that I inform our Admin to see why the old software is bieng used.

At the moment I am tracking down what verison of Java we have in our enviroment.
I am able to list very easily the main version number (Version 7 or Version 8) but there seems no way to export a report with the revison number.
For instance a machine has 1.8.0_211 in BF I can only see that V8 is installed.

If you click indiviually on “Details” on each item in the list you are presented with the required field “Installation Path”, but I would like this as an exported report on all machines.

But there seems not a way to bring this through to an exported report.
Has anyone found a way of doing this ? Any help much appreciated.