BigFix Inventory for software asset management tracking

Just curious - is anyone using BigFix Inventory and Reporting for software asset management tracking? I’ve started using it and it’s working well, just wanted to see if others out there are using it - if so, for how long, is it meeting your needs, what things do you think it doesn’t do well that you’d like to see. Any info would be great - thanks in advance!

Vince Price, CSAM, CGAP, CICA
City of Riverside

Absolutely :wink: I’ve been using BigFix Inventory since V5 (2012-ish).

4- reasons I like BFI (BigFix Inventory)
o Software Auditors accept BFI reporting as accurate (once normalized)
o Developing a ‘toolkit’ of reusable fixlets let’s me quickly and easily interrogate software installs on 1 or many hosts
o BFI and the BigFix platform (along w Relays) allow for very granular controls of the amount of host-processor use and the amount of network BigFix uses
o BFI’s very lightweight client has negligible host or network

3- areas where BFI could do better
o Internal Reporting is hard to share because BFI has 2 outputs .CSV and .PDF
o BFI report navigation is somewhat nested w different report metrics not always available
o For BFI to run well, Host-agents tasks need to be completed regularly. These tasks are managed in the Console not in BF Inventory


Thanks very much, I really appreciate the response!