Bigfix Inventory for iSeries Using Too Much Resource

We have installed BFI for iSeries, and is using a lot of resources.

Can you be more descriptive of your problem? If you provide more details, I will be able to ask dev team to take a look.

Here is the response I got from iSeries Bigfix Inventory support regarding heavy CPU usage during software inventory.

You can optimize the processor utilization during the scan by setting up the CPU threshold.

  1. Edit the sw_config.xml file that you downloaded with the scanner.
  2. Add two new cpuThreshold attributes, one for FSScanner and another for Signatures, like in the
    following example: ( the parenthesis would be replace by <>)
    (XSE version=“1.0”)
    (Plugin name=“FSScanner”)
    (Attribute name=“cpuThreshold” value=“20:2:150:850”/)
    (Attribute name=“interruptOnTimeout” value=“true”/)
    (Attribute name=“cpuThreshold” value=“20:2:150:850”/)
    (/IBM)3. Specify one of the following values:

utilization Value
5% 10:2:50:950
10% 20:2:100:900
15% 20:2:150:850
20% 30:2:200:800
25% 30:2:250:750
50% 50:2:300:500