BigFix Inventory: duration comparison and change notification in hardware/software

Hi everyone!

a client with inventory module wants to be notified, not just by reports or manual customization every time but by something more automated and better GUI, like a dashboard:

  1. when a software is installed or uninstalled
  2. when a change in hardware occurs (change in ram, cpu or hard drive)

A comparative analysis report where start date and end date is entered for a particular software like a before and after report, like skype was installed on 5 machines (with hostname) a week ago but today the count is 10 (with hostname).
Same goes for the hardware.

I looked for some dashboards and pre-built reports but unable to find, i m stuck at it, i m sure i will get a positive response, thanks in advance.


At the moment there is no exact functionality out of the box. You may open an RFE:

Check the page below under “Email if the number of rows exceeds” topic. That may be quick solution for your need.