BigFix Inventory Data Source Question

When configuring a new data source on a BigFix Inventory I am getting an 404 error below the section where you add a console operator. Not sure what the 404 error means and was hoping there might be a log to look at. I have tried a master operator account and a normal operator account. Both accounts are valid and functioning.

My end goal is to have the inventory server use both of My BigFix server’s data. The original data source connection is fine. Not sure what the issue is with the second connection. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Check the BFI tema.log for any error information when the data source connection was attempted. If it’s possible to enable debug, then trying with debug should give more information,

Is there a BFI server for the 2nd BigFix that you are trying to add as a second data source? If there is one and it’s working?

The BigFix server should have a working WebReports server for the BFI to communicate properly with the BigFix server

Thanks for the help. I now have two BigFix servers reporting into one BFI server.

Follow-up question, is there a way to automate adding contract data to BFI. Add 100 contracts is labor intensive and I was wondering if a csv file or the api could be used?

There is an API specifically for contracts. It is documented here: REST API for import of contracts

You can use a POST operation to the API to upload a CSV file containing the Contract data.

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The new Contracts has an option to import CSV file.

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Thank you for the link. Curious if I pull contract data via the api, not a csv, would the custom fields need to be added to BFI prior to the import or would they be created dynamically during the import? I was also wondering if there are a videos regarding this type of thing?

Custom fields should be present/created prior to importing data through CSV/API. When provided custom field is not found (does not exist), CSV import fails.