BigFix Inventory: Content and Catalog 20240410 Update published 2024-04-24

BigFix Inventory Content and Catalog update 20240410

Published site version:

BigFix Inventory v10 - version 181


BigFix Inventory delivers increased value and demonstrates HCL’s commitment towards HCL and IBM customers.

Key updates in HCL BigFix Inventory 20240410:

1. Catalog related changes

  • Capability to discover 600+ new software versions including but not limited to software manufacturers like Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, Veritas and VMware with use of standard and template signatures. For 58 components a new Template Signatures are created.

  • Delivered 5 Ideas (BFINV-I-336 , BFINV-I-369 , BFINV-I-301 , BFINV-I-307 , BFINV-I-370 )

  • Improved performance of catalog import due to removal of old software signatures from the BigFix Inventory main catalog (for more details refer to the release notes).

  • Publisher Normalization: In this release 5 publishers are normalized. Publisher data is improved for simplified data filtering and reporting. The changes include updating existing publisher names to current ones, and deduplicating publishers as well as covering acquisitions (for more details refer to the release notes):

2. BigFix Inventory content related changes

  • Improved scanner installation on Windows - updated file and directory permissions.

  • 2 related fixlets are updated

  • Security enhancement - 7za file archiver for Windows updated to version 23.01.

  • 17 tasks and fixlets are updated (for more details refer to the release notes).

To view the complete list of new features and defects that were fixed in this application update, refer to the release notes:
For more information about discovery capabilities, refer to Catalog Release Notes:

To view the complete catalog content, use the Software Components report in BigFix Inventory.

Actions needed:

To apply new discovery capability, run the Software Catalog Update Fixlet from the BigFix console and then wait for the next data import.
The following fixlets were updated and should be run to install the latest versions of the specific components:

  • Run Capacity Scan and Upload Results

  • Schedule VM Manager Tool Scan Results Upload

  • Force VM Manager Tool Scan Results Upload

  • Force Reupload of Software Scan Results

For more information about how to install, maintain, and use BigFix Inventory application, refer to the user documentation:

– The BigFix Inventory Team

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