Bigfix Inventory Computer Groups

I am setting up groups in Bigfix Inventory so that I can turn off sub capacity scanning for Windows workstations, but have sub capacity running for Windows servers. My question is what is the best way to define two groups: one for servers and one for workstations?

Most likely exact type of OS eg. Windows server 2008 vs Windows 7

Yes, I can use the explicit server OS names, but then I have to think to add an OS name every time there is a new OS. I would like to be able to say something more generic like “Windows Server” or “Windows Workstation”.

Hmm maybe “device type” column will be helpful? You can add it in Computers view.

If you are using BigFix version 9.5.x, I would suggest using “License Type”. License Type is based on the OS running on the machine, as opposed to Device Type which determines what Hardware the system is running on.

So, I you filter for contains “server”, you would get systems with a Server OS.


I use the product type of operating system property.

Workstation group:
product type of operating system = nt workstation product type

Server group:
product type of operating system = nt server product type or product type of operating system = nt domain controller product type

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