BigFix Inventory: Application Update published 2019-12-17

BigFix Inventory application update

Published site version:
BigFix Inventory v9 - version 129.

This update offers updated Software Catalog version containing

  • IBM License Metric Tool Software Catalog version
  • Improved Oracle Java Runtime Environment discovery

For more information please refer to Catalog Release Notes:
To browse the full catalog content, use the Software Components report in BigFix Inventory.

Action to take
Installation of this content pack does not upgrade the BigFix Inventory server.

To apply new discovery capability for version 9.2.11 or higher, run the Software Catalog Update fixlet from the BigFix console and then wait for the next data import. For instructions of applying the content pack on older versions, see: Updating the software catalog to ensure accuracy of software reporting in the user documentation.

To learn how to get the application update and deploy it as well as to view the full list of new features and defects that were fixed in this application update, see the following link:

For more information about how to install, maintain, and use this application refer to BigFix Inventory user documentation:

– The BigFix Inventory Team

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