BigFix Inventory: Application Update published 2019-10-30

BigFix Inventory application update

Published site version:
BigFix Inventory v9 - version 128.

This update offers new discovery capability for number of software components and contains selected improvements.

• Enhanced software discovery capability

Oracle products:

  • Java Runtime Environment
  • Java JDK/SDK

SAP products:

  • SAP Netweaver Business Client

VMware products:

  • VMware vCloud Automation Center Agents
  • VMware vCloud Automation Distributed Execution Manager
  • VMware vCloud Automation Center Management Agent
  • VMware vCloud Automation Center Server
  • VMware vCloud Automation Center WAPI
  • VMware vCloud Director

Open JDK

For more information please refer to Catalog Release Notes:
To browse the full catalog content, use the Software Components report in BigFix Inventory.

• Scanner version improvements

  • Scanner discovers number of sockets on E7 series of Xeon processors.
  • In hardware scan output CoreCount fields in LogicalDomains group on Solaris are filled with correct values.
  • Scanner retrieves the values for Manufacturer, Product, SerialNumber and Type fields on Solaris x86 local zones.


  1. Install or Upgrade Scanner fixlet version is and the following fixlet description is not translated: Linux version of the scanner requires the following library: Additionally, the scanner on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 requires the following library: For more information, see the product documentation.
  2. Disconnected scanner packages contain previous version of the scanner.

• Oracle Feature Health Check analysis is updated
The following defect is fixed.

KB0073472: For large environments, Analysis with ID 2001 (Oracle Feature Health Check) generates too much data to load in the BigFix Console.

• Support for new platforms

On the endpoint side:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0
    Note: The scanner requires and library.

Action to take
Installation of this content pack does not upgrade the BigFix Inventory server.

To upgrade the BigFix Inventory scanner, run the Install or Upgrade scanner fixlet from the BigFix console.

To apply new discovery capability for version 9.2.11 or higher, run the Software Catalog Update fixlet from the BigFix console and then wait for the next data import. For instructions of applying the content pack on older versions, see: Updating the software catalog to ensure accuracy of software reporting in the user documentation.

To learn how to get the application update and deploy it as well as to view the full list of new features and defects that were fixed in this application update, see the following link:

For more information about how to install, maintain, and use this application refer to BigFix Inventory user documentation:

– The BigFix Inventory Team

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Why is the scanner version being released at a version of 9.2.17 which is higher than the app update of It would be nice for the version to stay consistent across all components (App sever, catalog, client, etc)

Scanner version is developed in cooperation with IBM ILMT team and version is expected to be different going forward. BigFix Inventory keeps version information on the fixlet name level when underlying binary version may be different.

With the enhancements to the discover capability of Oracle Java, is there any way to display the full version?

It only reports as Java 8.0 or so. We are interested in reporting the full version so we can know which versions may need a license from Oracle.

@fermt For that level of detail, try running the Package Data report, filtered for (Package Data) Name contains java. The Version column should show the more granular version information.

If you are interested in reports covering Java 8.0 instances that require license then please contact us on Package data is just one source of information. For complete reporting we have specific solution that currently is under validation.

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I’ve sent an e-mail to your team, but I haven’t received any answer yet. Could you check internally?

Please check if you see the response now.

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