Bigfix Inventory API and Custom Fields

We are using BFI 9.2.8. I am noticing that the number of fields returned by Rest API in BFI are very limited. I would like to access custom fields that I have added like Location by Subnet, and other fields for our CMDB. Is there a way to do this with Rest API? Is the solution to create a custom report and then extract the report with Rest API?

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I haven’t tested this yet, but if you’ve added a custom property to BFI Computer Properties, then it should be available via the rest API by explicit reference, such as:


I tried this and it did not work. I tried several different formats for the property name.

After testing, I agree with you. It appears that the API does not recognize custom properties.

I did find some useful documentation: Mapping columns between REST API versions

Much of the data previously provided in the computer_systems query is now found in an associated object called computer_hardware.