BigFix Inventory 10.0.5 catalogue issue

Hi all BigFix masters,

Basically i am facing 2 issues which might be co-related to each other.

Issue 1 - When ever we are creating new signatures for new software we get an warning sign that we have to do the import to apply new changes. When we do the manual import automatically after the import is started we get a new catalogue download task gets deployed on all the system. So far we have made 5 new signatures and whenever we did manual import we are able to see new versions of catalogue getting deployed on all the computers.

Issue 2 - Due to the above issue in the overview dashbord i am able to see all of my systems under catalog not updated tab/ graph.

Any help regarding this.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @karthik04

For your issue 1: Every time you create a signature, the catalog gets updated, which means it needs to be delivered to the endpoints again. So, this is working as designed.

For your issue 2: The agents will report back to BigFix that the catalog was installed, but BFI won’t know about it until the next scheduled or manual import occurs. So, over time, those endpoints will drop from the catalog not updated chart.

After the catalog is updated these new signatures will be used the next time the scanner is executed by the agent. Keep in mind, it could be up to 7 more days before this happens, assuming the standard scan schedule.

Hope this helps.