BigFix & Intune - Possible

Hello and greetings from Portugal!

So, we’re hopefully upgrading to BigFix 10 until the end of this year and because of BigFix MCM…is it possible to have machine registered with BigFix MCM and Microsoft ECM at the same time?

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Diogo Sousa


Unfortunately not. Win10 and MAC OS only allow one MDM provider profile on the endpoint at a time.

BigFix Technical Advisor


Thanks for the quick reply Dan!

Just another question. Is it possible to control Defender for Endpoint AV with BigFix?

Yes, you can check the status, enforce some things, make sure updates are installed, and various other things for defender through BigFix. There is content on BigFix.Me for many parts of this, but if you own BigFix Compliance License, there is a Client Manager for Endpoint Protection site that has a lot of out of box content for this.

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Hi jgstew!

Thanks for your help.
I’m just getting a little bit of mixed feelings because, I love BigFix “traditional” client but also like the Intune/MECM features.

The best of 2 worlds would be to have co-management or cloud-attached between BigFix and MECM! :slight_smile: