BigFix ICD Mapping

We have integrated BigFix with Controldesk After running mapping the values from Lifecycle are getting replaced by values of Inventory and vice versa.

Operating System and Processors values in ICD Deployed Assets application which was retrieved after integration of BigFix Lifecycle are getting replaced with the values from Inventory after integration with BigFix Inventory.

After integration with BigFix Inventory, For Processor it is showing only Manufacturer Name & Processor Type and for Operating System its showing the OS Name and its Manufacturer.

Is there any way to retrieve the data from both Lifecycle and Inventory without replacing the values?


has anyone faced above issue while integrating BigFix lifecycle and Inventory with IBM ControlDesk?
@JasonWalker , @jgstew… if you guys have any idea on this, then I’m looking forward to ur help.


I think this is intended since Inventory should be providing more accurate measurements needed for Software metering. I’m not sure if there is a way to add additional mappings. Do you have other fields in ICD where you would want different processor and OS values reported? It seems you would only have one of each field and need to decide which version of the properties you prefer.

No, there are no other fields in ICD onto which different processor and OS values should be reported. As per our requirement, we want some properties value to be retrieved from Lifecycle as well as Inventory. If it is possible then can you let me know the procedures?


It would not be possible to map two different properties to the same value in ICD. You could create your own version of the Processor & OS properties within BigFix that provides the Lifecycle & Inventory results in one property. Then I assume you could map to those new custom properties. The ICD integration is built and maintained by the ICD team, so you would have to work with them to identify any other customization options.

We are retrieving the properties value in BigFix by creating custom analyses and then mapping the properties into ICD which comes under Lifecycle integration. Can we query properties value from Inventory to BigFix, if it is possible then can you tell me how to do so?

you need modify ITIC, for get custom property and send to ICD to table of CPU. The ICD , the CPU is a table link on Deployed Asset. You see the object structure of DEployedAsset and Computers View.

ITIC: File configuration end, you put ID_site ID_property of bigfix.

On Mapping mofify for add you new properties.

@Rafael, we have already followed the same procedure as you have said. Let me explain my concern below.

After executing the Lifecycle mapping, we are able to get all the properties value for Processor in Deployed Asset application. Then, after executing the Inventory mapping, value of the properties which are similar in both Lifecycle and Inventory datasource displayed under Processor in Deployed Asset and rest became empty.

Next time when we execute the Lifecycle mapping, all the properties value are coming back. Again if we execute the inventory mapping, dissimilar properties become empty. This is happening because the properties which are available in Lifecycle datasource are not same as Inventory datasource and everytime they execute they replace the properties value as per their datasource properties.

Hi @Rafael, do you have anything to suggest to make this work? Help will be appreciated.

What you are saying, seems more a problem of the ICD than of itic or bigfix, IN ICD there is DEPLOYEDASSET, COMPUTER and ASSET. Because what you tell me, whenever bigfix changes the processor values, in icd the previous value is deleted and the last value is updated. If this value is in ASSET? you should review the task to pass the DEPLOYEDASSET to ASEET. Because it seems that is more.

@Rafael, what I’m experiencing is after each mapping execution i.e. Lifecycle and Inventory, properties values of similar classes are getting replaced. For instance, properties values for Processor after Lifecycle integration are getting replaced with the values from Inventory after Inventory integration. The same happens when I execute the Lifecycle mapping again. The values are replacing in ITIC which reflects in ICD DEPLOYEDASSET application.

I think that you make to autopromote asset for two version of asset. i see that

if you haven`t a solution then you create a Incident on IBM for more information.

Let me look into it once.