BigFix Health check -Automatic Report

Hello All,

We are doing regular health check of BigFix Infra in below format

  1. Relay Status.
    2.Client Status.
    3.Filldb Status.
    4.GatherDb status.
    5.IBM BigFix Compliance Import Status.
    6.IBM BigFix Inventory Import Status.

As of now I have automated the above health check and 6 email is generated on daily basis which provide the information but I wanted to combined all the above health check attribute in one report and then automate the report.
Is it possible to combine all the status in single report. If yes, Please suggest the best possible option .
Manish Singh

Any suggestion/help would be appreciated.

How are you generating the reports now? Is this from Web Reports only? What are the filters and queries you are using?

Yes I am using webReport to pull the report. For different report, I am using different set of filter.

Are they all computer properties? If so, you could add each of them to a single Computer report.

Are they summarized reports, like counts? If so, you could create a custom report that combines them into a single report.

Few of them are out of the box properties “i.e Relay Service running and last report time” and few of custom properties has been created for SCA and SUA import.

So, first report I have is Relay Server not reporting from last 24 hours and with this I think I would not be able to combine the Import status of SCA and SUA ?

Yes. Be aware that most computers will have values for many the properties, such as Relay Service Running, which are specific to the role they occupy.

If you have all of these as separate web reports, then it should be possible to combine them into 1 report, but would need more info and examples of what session relevance you are using, what example (redacted) results look like, and what kind of final result you would like.