Bigfix DB2 Migration to different mount point

Currently we have Bigfix application on Linux server with DB2 database due to some issue we want to move Bigfix server db2 database to other mount point. . Please provide the steps so that we can perform database movement from current mount point to another mount point.

Thanks in advance

From a BigFix perspective, the mount point should be irrelevant as it just knows what server to talk to on what port. If you are not changing the server, then this is all DB2 configuration and I would talk to your DB2 admins.

High level

  1. Stop BigFix services
  2. Move database
  3. Start BigFix services

Depending on how long this will take, you might also want to consider some of the configurations for the agent report times, just like you would do in an upgrade.

I did a quick google search and found the following

If you are stuck, I would open a PMR with IBM and they can help you.