BigFix CyberFOCUS Analytics v1.1 is now available

The BigFix team is pleased to announce the release of BigFix CyberFOCUS Analytics v1.1!

The main features of this release are as follows:

  • Prescriptive remediation guidance for the MITRE APT simulator to help organizations more quickly and effectively reduce their attack surface against APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups
  • Improvements to Protection Level Agreements (PLAs), enabling you to more quickly and easily understand your organization’s effectiveness in remediating issues
    • You can now adjust PLA timeframes at report time to match your organization’s requirements
    • More out-of-the box PLA definitions
    • New ability to select which PLAs to report and measure against at report time
  • Device drill-down: better understand your exposures by being able to drill-down to the details of affected devices

Note: The report supports native Web Reports filtering capabilities to limit the scope of endpoints and/or content.

How to enable, along with additional information about this release:

Published Site Version:
CyberFOCUS, Version: 8

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I appreciate the work that you guys have put into this report. The biggest complaint that I had with the report is now fixed and that was the ability to define your own PLA targets. Thank you !