Bigfix console refresh console

After updating a baseline, other users will get the following error:

They have all reported that Refresh Console doesn’t ever fix this and the only way to fix this is to close out of the Bigfix console completely and start it back up again. Is Refresh Console supposed to update the baselines so people don’t have to restart the console or is this the only method to get an updated baseline if it has been updated?

The problem is related to caching if I recall correctly (it was some time ago I dealt with similar issue) - it was something along the lines that users had the content cached under one signature and since you’ve changed it while they are in, it is trying to match up the signatures. You may want to consider your cache policy - depending on network speeds and latency change to “Always load data from database”, so in that case refresh of the console should do the trick but if you have caching enabled (depending if it’s full or partial) a refresh does not load everything from the root server, no… the idea of caching is in fact to minimize the amount of data being reloaded on refreshes but the drawback is what you are seeing - it may not always have the latest data which can cause mismatches.