BigFix console font size

I have a high resolution monitor and some areas in the console have a font size that is so small that it is really hard to read. I am unable to find any settings in the console where this can be customized.

For example the Summary sheet of a computer object is where the text is way too small.

Any help or suggestion is very appreciated.

Thanks, Stefan

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I’ll be away from my server until Monday, but my first thoughts would be to either right-click the Console shortcut, hit the Compatibility tab, and try the “Change high DPI settings” option.

My second would be to open Internet Explorer and see whether any changes to font sizes or settings there have an effect. Most of the Console is run as embedded IE objects so there may be some benefit to tuning there.

The Console has some font size settings under File->Preferences, but I think they only apply to ActionScript and Relevance editing windows.

(and…if you haven’t checked much into WebUI yet, it’s a good time to start.)

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Holding CTRL and then tapping + a few times has helped me increase the font size
Holding CTRL and mouse wheeling also seems to work.

(just like in a browser)