BigFix Compliance: Updated DISA STIG Checklist for Solaris 11, published 2020-07-28

BigFix Compliance

Updated DISA STIG Checklist for Solaris 11 with bug fixes

Security Benchmark:
Solaris 11 Manual STIG Version 1, Release 16

Published Sites:
DISA STIG Checklist for Solaris 11, site version 9
(The site version is provided for air-gap customers.)

Release notes:

  • SOL-11.1-080020 Now looks for proper sxadm command output.
  • SOL-11.1-070200 UserIDs may be alphanumeric starting with a digit.
  • ThresholdFileCount option added for deploy and run task to exclude partitions based on inode count.

Actions to take:

More information:
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We hope you find this latest release of SCM content useful and effective. Thank you!
– The BigFix Compliance team