BigFix Compliance: Updated DISA STIG Checklist for Mozilla Firefox, published 2023-04-05

BigFix Compliance

Updated DISA STIG Checklist for Mozilla Firefox.

Security Benchmark:
Mozilla Firefox for Windows STIG SCAP Benchmark V6R4.

Published Sites:
DISA STIG Checklist for Mozilla Firefox, site version 3.
(The site version is provided for air-gap customers.)


  • Both analysis and remediation checks are included
  • Some of the checks allow you to use the parameterized setting to enable customization for compliance evaluation. Note that parameterization and remediation actions require the creation of a custom site.

Note: Previously, the DISA Firefox benchmark suggestion was to query/change about:config via the prefs.js file. The new DISA Firefox benchmark suggestion is to query/change about:policies by updating the GPO or changing the corresponding registry settings.
This change would have an effect on the prior DISA Firefox checklist implementation because the new checklist rules would become non-compliant because they have not been implemented yet.

Actions to take:

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– The BigFix Compliance team