BigFix Compliance Updated CIS Checklist for RHEL 9 with bug fixes, published 2024-07-02

BigFix Compliance

Updated CIS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 with bug fixes.

Security Benchmark:
CIS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Benchmark, v1.0.0

Published Sites:
CIS Checklist for RHEL 9, site version 7
(The site version is provided for air-gap customers.)


  • Fixed and Improved implementation for the following check: - Ensure auditing for processes that start prior to auditd is enabled - Ensure audit_backlog_limit is sufficient
    3.3.7 - Ensure Reverse Path Filtering is enabled - Ensure /tmp is a separate partition - Ensure use of privileged commands are collected - Ensure systemd - journal - remote is enabled - Ensure journald is not configured to send logs to rsyslog
    5.2.7 - Ensure SSH root login is disabled - Ensure discretionary access control permission modification events are collected
    6.1.9 - Ensure no world writable files exist
    6.1.10 - Ensure no unowned files or directories exist
    6.1.11 - Ensure no ungrouped files or directories exist
    6.1.12 - Ensure sticky bit is set on all world - writable directories

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