BigFix Compliance - Delegation - Grant access directly to individual checklists

Dear Team,

I am writing to inquire about the possibility of delegating permissions within BigFix Compliance. Specifically, I am interested in granting users direct access to individual checklists.

I have been unable to locate a way to achieve this functionality through my own research, which included reviewing both the support ticket system and the Ideas Portal.

Would you be able to confirm whether granting direct access to individual checklists is currently supported within BigFix Compliance?

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Hi @orbiton - would you elaborate on your requirements a little more? Where are you looking to delegate the permissions: in the BigFix Console or in Compliance Reporting on the analytics server?

On the Compliance Reporting on the analytics server itself.

A machine is applicable to several checklists
I’ve created a local user on the analytics server itself and is able to see that machine.
This user will be able to see all of the applicable checklists of that machines
I’ve got a requirement to restrict this user to view only specific checklist

That is an interesting requirement. I think that your initial assessment is correct, and there is no capability to restrict users to specific checklists in Compliance Analytics reporting.

I also found this issue and from point of view “least privilege” it’s a bad behavior.

Maybe you would like to vote for Limit SCA Report user to dedicated checklist | HCL BigFix Ideas Portal (

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@MatthiasW Thank you! I voted of course!

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