BigFix "Co-Management"

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Just a quick question.
Does BigFix has something similar to Microsoft “co-management”? What I mean is, having our “traditional” BigFix environment and also the MDM part? Like SCCM + Intune/MECM?

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BigFix has it’s own MDM if that’s what you mean?

Hi @FatScottishGuy thanks for the quick reply.
I don’t know exactly if this is the answer, although I think I could not explain it the best way.

With SCCM and Intune you can connect your on premises SCCM infrastructure and automatically connect all the registered devices with Intune.

This allows to manage devices both with SCCM and Intune “at the same time” taking the best of having devices managed on prem and in the cloud.

I think @jhonda or @Aram might be best placed to answer this

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BigFix Lifecycle and Compliance offerings include Modern Client Management (MCM), that allows management of Win10/11 and MacOS laptops via MDM. This enables enrollment scenarios, securing with MDM profiles, device lifecycle management etc.
These devices can continue to be managed by BigFix agent for “traditional” patching, compliance, vulnerability management, lifecycle etc. scenarios.
With BigFix, you can enrol a device to MCM and then use APIs to deploy the BigFix agent; conversely, it is also possible to mass-enroll to MCM the devices that already have a BigFix agent.
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Alessandro Dinia - HCL BigFix- Product Manager


@adinia thank you so much for such a complete response! IT was everything I wanted to know. Tks a lot!