BigFix Client relay status vs Relay

Hi Team.

I have some issues with assigning Client to the Relays.

We have Main BigFix Server in another country and have 1200 machines connected directly to Main Server.
We decided to create a local BigFix Relay to keep traffic less through cross country channel.

When I change settings for client to use manual relay selection and select Relay as primary and secondary, some machines are correctly switching:

1 switches correctly, but 2 and 3 stays with the main Server (Defaulting to Main BES Server)

Here are the settings for all 3 machines (the same settings)

Can you, please, advice, how to force all machines to use Relay, not the main Server?

In this instance, you probably need to read some client logs to see what they are doing.

In general though, I would expect the ‘local’ relay to be closer (fewer hops) to the clients than your root server, in which case automatic relay selection will sort everythng out for you.

I had a similar issue a year ago. Turns out it wasn’t a BigFix problem it was a DNS problem. Not sure if the clients you are having issues with are Windows or Linux. From one of the Windows problem boxes run this PowerShell command, Test-NetConnection -computer FQDN of the relay -Port 52311 You could also use the IP of the relay. If the client is on a Linux machine run the following netcat command nc -zvw10 FQDN of the relay. The nslookup command for either operating system could also be useful