Bigfix client deployment tool

hi. i’ve got this message while trying to use the deployment wizard :


Do not use the user interface of the Client Deploy tool, because it is obsolete. To install clients use the wizard or the Fixlet from the BigFix console.

BESClientsCatalog.xml does not exist, installation will be attempted with the default Windows client installer bundled with the Client Deploy Tool.


what’s the correct way to deploy agents in computers that has no bigfix agent/client deploy tool installed on them.

Run fixlet “Install Bigfix Clients with Client Deploy Tool” from BES Support site (ID: 2701) from within the console against the machine that has the Client Deploy tool installed and just pass all the information as parameters to the action

but this computer is empty from any hcl product, it’s a fresh one. it’ll still work?

You need to have BigFix agent installed on the machine with the Client Deploy tool so you can initiate the action against it. The action will ask you which machines you would like to deploy the agent on from that machine onwards and it will ask you for admin/root credentials to the machines you are targeting but as long as you provide those it will work, yes.