BigFix changes Windows Fixlet titles' syntax and descriptions

BigFix is changing the syntax of Windows Fixlet titles and the Fixlet descriptions. This is in line with Microsoft’s changes in how it documents security updates. After January 2017, Microsoft will use the Security Updates Guide in lieu of the Microsoft Security Bulletins as the source of released security updates.

Microsoft is retiring the use of bulletin webpages and bulletin numbers and will now use vulnerability ID
numbers and KB Article ID numbers. According to Microsoft, bulletin ID numbers and bulletin webpages for security updates released on or before January 10, 2017 will be maintained (see Security Update Guide FAQs).

Effective February 2017, Windows Fixlets will no longer have the bulletin titles and numbers. Instead,
the Windows Fixlets will be prefixed with references to the year and month, along with the operating system, KB number, CPU architecture, and if applicable, indicate if it’s security-only or a monthly rollup.
Multiple update releases within a month can be differentiated by KB numbers.

Before: MS16-101, MS16-118, MS16-120, MS16-123, MS16-124: Security Only Quality Update - Security Only - Windows Server 2012 - KB3192393 (x64)
After: MS16-NOV: Security Update for Windows - Security Only - Windows Server 2012 - KB3192393 (x64)

The Fixlet descriptions will reference Microsoft’s KB summary.

No user action is required.

For Microsoft’s blog about the change to Security Updates Guide, see /blog/2016/11/furthering-our-commitment-to-security-updates/.
For Microsoft’s FAQ page about the Security Updates Guide dashboard and API, see Security Update Guide FAQs.

Application Engineering Team