BigFix Certification Study

Hi Group,

I’m new to BigFix and facing the certification challenge, what are the best materials to study to ensure success?

Best materials are the server, the relay, thr console, and the client. Use them a while and you’ll learn what you’re doing.

Thanks Jason,

I was hoping for more specifics like RedBooks, RedPapers, WhiteBooks or should I just use the administrator guides?

Use the product guides, read the forums, watch the BigFix YouTube videos, and get hands on experience. There is no certification exam guide like if you were taking the CISSP or whatever. There are instructor led classes also which are a great way to get started learning. Google “bigfix training” and you will get several results.

You’re first statement “I’m new to BigFix” indicates you probably shouldn’t try the certification yet. There’s no substitute for experience with this product.

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