Bigfix Autopatch - Pre/Post actions?

I am leveraging Webui Patch Policy to keep several lab systems up to date today.

Is there a way to have the Pre/Post actions only run if there is a patch to run in the Patch policy?

Currently it appears that it runs the Pre/Post on every execution of the action, even when there are no patches to apply. I believe the challenge is the Pre task is always relevant, and not sure i can make it not since it is supposed to run on all targeted systems to put into maintenance mode before updating.

I would like the pre and post only to execute when there is a patch to actually apply.
As the pre script puts the system into monitoring maintenance mode, and the post checks for pending reboots and will reboot.

That’s a known limitation right now, I’m afraid, but I’m pretty sure an enhancement for this is in our short-term plan. I’ll see what I can find.

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