BigFix API / Web Reports broken?

I’m not able to connect to the REST API, when I do I get a message that says “Cannot perform relevance query evaluation at this time because there is no reachable Web Reports instance collecting data from this Server”

Web Reports is working, I’m able to connect to it and it shows data.

Playing around trying to fix this I think I hosed the settings on the BigFix server, maybe on the Web Reports server too.

What should _WebReports_HTTPServer_HostName and _WebReports_HTTPServer_PortNumber be set to the on the BigFix server? What about on the Web Reports server?

I’ve also seem some reference to the AGGREGATEDBY database table, in my environment that table is empty. Is that correct? If not, what populates it?

On my system, _WebReports_HTTPServer_HostName = http://<BigFixRootServer_fqdn>:52311, which is where the Web Reports service is running, Documentation says this is how the Console knows which Web Reports URL to open.

_WebReports_HTTPServer_PortNumber = 80, but I’m not running it with SSL enabled. If it were SSL enabled, this would be 443.

I have Web Reports on a different server, so I have it set like so on the root server:
WebReports_HTTPServer_HostName = http://webreports.fqdn.lan:443
WebReports_HTTPServer_PortNumber = 443

Yet it’s not working. REST API calls fail, trying to launch Web Reports from the console fails with “No Web Reports servers are aggregating this database” and the AGGREGATEDBY table is empty.

Something broke somehow…

What do you see in the Web Reports interface under Administration -> Data Source Settings? Is your BigFix Server url listed here?

Today I learned that if you replace the SSL certificate but don’t update the setting to point to the new private key it will thoroughly break the REST API. :roll_eyes:

I corrected that setting, restarted the Web Reports service and voilà, everything started working properly again. It even updated the AGGREGATEDBY table properly.

Oops. :stuck_out_tongue: