BigFix AntiPest 2.0

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Has anyone out there started to use the 2.0 release?

Can you provide any information on configuring the Real-Time monitoring?

Have you experienced any problems?

Would like to hear any other comments you have about the product…


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I am in the process of updating my v1 agents to v2. After update or install - real-time is enabled by default. Some times it appears that a reboot is needed to get it running 100%. Something good to test. Go to (spyware test) and see if the real-time agent catches the spycar tests. I am finding that it is not 100% for me - and am currently working with support to look deeper into the issue. At first when I was updating agents - the real-time was reporting back on things it caught. But then it stopped giving me anything. I might of confused the agent with a Baseline. I created new configs within a baseline to overwrite the old manual scan configs and settings. But support thinks they are in order.

I like the new functionality of v2 though. Right now, either real-time is not catching things or my users are not going to places they shouldn’t be…

Also, you might need to disable your AV before trying the spycar tests. My McAfee blocked the running of it at first. And so you know - the update and install will display 2 or 3 real quick dos windows on the user PC as services are stopped and restarted. Nothing big - but people might notice.


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The install definitely requires a reboot.

The DOS windows will always appear at install time, but should only flash for onscreen very briefly. We were unable to remove them. Sorry!


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Working with support (who as alway “the best”) - they gave me an update to v2 - and it appears very promising. Real-time scanner is now working on systems that had stopped. I have started redeploying this new update of v2 to validate things.

I set up a pc and went to some questionable sites and downloaded some things that I shouldn’t be. You know, basic “user” activity…

Between the real time and manual scans - most everything was stopped or ripped out. One thing I suggest is that even with the Real-Time still going - setup a manual scan every onece in a while. As with any real-time scanner - they don’t always catch everything coming in - but the manual does a good job cleaning up. And some things required a reboot to fully remove (memory resident stuff). No different than any anti-spy vendor. I noticed the manual scan is a lot quicker in v2 as well.

Still working on getting a couple of things clarified - but I’m feeling good about things.

And thanks to all the support team whom has been working with me on this.


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Hey Mike,

Wonderful to hear…

It would be nice if you (and anyone else who deals with our support) will fill out the support survey… I posted this a while back but only 2 people filled it out…

It is very helpful for us if our customers give us feedback about our support…


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That’s a bummer. I can only submit the survey once from my PC. I filled the first one based the experience (and support engineer) of a seperate support call that was just completed. And then went back to submit another for my v2 assistance - and it yelled at me that I could not do a second. Guess I could do it from another PC though.