Bigfix and system resources

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It’s come up quite a few times, where we will install bigfix on a users workstation and if they are IT they usually end up pinning system slowness to the bigfix process (disable service, problem goes away).

Today the BESRelay and BESClient service seemed to completely take over a majority of our servers and this had a pretty serious impact on our business. (obviously something that will now require answers).

I’m just wondering, Bigfix repeatidly tells us that the IO reads\writes shouldn’t be taken serious as they are always high and it shouldn’t impact the systems its installed on.

But the truth is, we stopped both services via psexec remotely and then we were able to login to the servers again. (before stopping the service we couldnt even RDP).

Has anyone experienced this?

I’ll be calling IBM tomorrow but hoping someone reading might have experienced as well.


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I noticed this today also (has happened many times before) when our monitoring systems picked up that my top level relays were all using 100% CPU. The cause was the BESRelay service. Restarted the BESRelay service remotely using sc and cpu usage returned to normal levels and i was able to log on to the server again.

Raises some questions around our other 500+ relays that dont have performace monitoring and alerting on them.

I haven’t seen any issues with the BESClient process to date.

We’re running 8.1.551.

I have opened a PMR with IBM

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Thanks for adding to this, if you get any updates please let me know.

We’re opening a call with IBM tomorrow…

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Hi Leland,

Not sure if there is something specific wrong with your computers, but there are many millions of BigFix Agents deployed and I would bet many hundreds of thousands of relays deployed and this is not something that we hear about frequently… In fact, we typically hear the opposite that the BigFix Agents and relays have no appreciable affect on the performance of the systems…

I am sure the support team can help you troubleshoot and isolate the issues with your deployment.


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I received an answer from IBM. It appears that its a bug with 8.1.551 when dynamic throttling is enabled which was resolved in 8.1.617.

“Fixed an issue with the Relay using too much CPU when using dynamic bandwidth throttling. (41095)”

This leaves me with 2 options. Disable Dynamic Throttling or upgrade to a newer build.

Hope this helps