BIGFIX Agent for RHEL 5 IA64


We want to install Bigfix client on RHEL 5 IA64 arch. but unable to understand & get which version of client will support it.

Please, can anyone look into this & help us.

I’m not certain if IA64 is supported by any BigFix client for any OS.

Do you have a test system that you can try installing each of the RHEL clients on and see if any of them work?

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The Itanium has only been supported for Windows and HPUX

Even if the system can run an i686 or x86_64 Intel client through some form of emulation, it wouldn’t be supported directly by IBM


Thanks for response !

Sorry but we dont have any test machine available for testing but we have also cross checked on BIGFIX site IA64 is not supported for RHEL.

Thanks Alan ! we have also checked on BIGFIX site its not supported for RHEL.