BigFix Actions Issue/Run Capacity and others not running//


We are experiencing issues with one Windows 2012 Server, where several Actions in BigFix (such as Run Capacity and Upload Software) are showing an “Error” status. We attempted to resolve this by restarting the BESClient services and resetting the BESClient, but unfortunately, these actions remained in error status. Interestingly, the server appears to be irrelevant for these Actions, although when we utilized the Analyze function for the “Run Capacity” Action, it returned “True” for all relevant parameters. Additionally, we conducted a single run for “Run Capacity” on this server to test if stopping the regular action and running it again would resolve the issue, but unfortunately, it failed for unknown reasons.

Furthermore, we are encountering a similar issue with another server, where only the “Run Capacity” Action is showing an error, while the other actions are functioning correctly. We attempted to apply the same solution as before, but it did not resolve the issue.

ILMT: 9.2.28
BigFix Version: 10.0.6
DB: SQL 2019

I don’t thinkog attachments work in the Forum, and in any case you’ll probably need to open a support ticket to get personalized ho for this.