BigFix Action Download error: “Unexpected HTTP response: 416

Added custom fixlet to upgrade MAC os from Mojave to BigSur, but when we executed the action stuck at pending download stating the error “Download error: “Unexpected HTTP response: 416”.

BigFix Server is not under proxy connection.

Please help to get it resolve.

Action script.

prefetch InstallAssistant-11.4-20F71.pkg sha1:67575145b6057820d62a9551508b421ede6f9300 size:12395342506 sha256:3374333d98ff267f3520ef1efcdae978ec87043be0f70b790b4b6cd0465b98d7

delete “/tmp/InstallAssistant-11.4-20F71.pkg”
move “__Download/InstallAssistant-11.4-20F71.pkg” “/tmp/InstallAssistant-11.4-20F71.pkg”

//wait /usr/bin/hdiutil attach -quiet -nobrowse -mountpoint “/tmp/INSTALLOSX” “/tmp/InstallAssistant-11.4-20F71.pkg”
wait /usr/sbin/installer -pkg “/tmp/InstallAssistant-11.4-20F71.pkg” -target /

//wait /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Big\ --agreetolicense --forcequitapps --nointeraction

wait sh -c “/Applications/Install\ macOS\ Big\ --agreetolicense --forcequitapps --nointeraction”

//wait /usr/bin/hdiutil detach -force “/tmp/INSTALLOSX”
//delete “/tmp/InstallOSX.dmg”

//continue if {exists folder “/macOS Install Data”}

action requires restart

Very likely that you have a firewall rule somewhere between your BigFix server and
Check with your network team

Workaround is to manually download and cache the file

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I am able to download using the same link from firefox. So there is no issue with the firewall on Bigfix Server.

Your user account downloading a file via Firefox Browser is not the same as the BigFixRootServer service downloading the file. Some statefull firewalls can tell the difference and selectively block the service based traffic but allow the browser based traffic.

Something between the BigFix server and is messing with this traffic.
Triple check with your network and firewall teams and mention user agent strings.
Then ask them to show you the firewall logs where traffic between your BigFix server and is being allowed to pass without modifications


I can’t recall if it was 416 errors but we have had issues with cdn’s where firewall rules were set as IP rules using the IP that one location resolved the cdn to but that was different to the IP that the main server resolved the cdn to. In those cases a URL rule had to be used. You could also try using wget or curl on the Bigfix server to test the download.

Something like curl -o -v

Or drop the -o and then you see the http responses which may give additional info to help ascertain the root cause.


Thanks… I will check and update.