Bigfix 9.x Evaluation Version Error - XML parsing

Dear All,

I’m getting an error while installing evaluation version. This error I received in 9.5.2 and 9.2.8 setups

Error is = XML Parsing error: attribute value expected Line 2, Character 18

I get the above error while running the server setup. Setup flows smoothly till the creating the database and also asks for PVK file, once provided the PVK file and credentials and before creating the Master Operator (First time user) the above error and the setup completes saying no errors.

I’ll be able to create the Master operator while running the BES Admin Tool for the time, but i can’t login to console using the credentials created

I got this error on below scenarios:

  1. Virtual server with Win2012 R2 with(SQL 2008R2 STD edition) and without database (SQL 2008R2 Express)
  2. Physical server with Win2k8 R2 with ((SQL 2008R2 STD edition) and Without database (SQL 2008R2 Express)
  3. In all the above cases Genuine Windows copy installed with latest updates for both OS and SQL

Troubleshooting Done:

  1. Updating the .net to latest version
  2. Updating all the OS and DB updates
  3. Firewall disabled
  4. Propagated the Site masthead
  5. Re-assigned server signing key

Hope I’m clear…

Early suggestions and recommendation are highly appriciated

Thanks and Regards,
Shalva Narayan V K

Any suggestions, I still have the pain…

I’d suggest contacting support, they may require a lot more information than we can discuss here.

In the interim though you can check the logs that the server produces, or the Console and BESAdmin (these tow log in the AppData folder of the user running the program)

Was pretty prodigy at that time… All we need to ensure basic sanity of the host server OS. Ensure the following before installing the BigFix Either evaluation or production

  1. Windows Server OS 2008 R2 or Higher … so far
  2. All latest windows OS updates are installed up to date
  3. .net 3.5 and 4.5 installed and updated with latest patches
  4. Desktop Experience enabled
  5. Antivirus installed and updated.

These sanity checks may save your time.

Issue will never arise…