BigFix 9.5 Patch 5 Agent Inspector Issue

The IBM BigFix team has identified an issue affecting a specific inspector with v9.5.5.193 Agents. As a result, IBM is temporarily removing the v9.5.5.193 Agent upgrade Fixlets from BES Support while investigating the full scope of the issue and working to address the situation. Please standby as we expect to follow up with more details and a resolution early next week.

Affected Products and Versions

  • BigFix Agents v9.5.5.193 (all platforms except Mac OS X)

Unaffected Products and Versions

  • All BigFix components other than the BigFix Agent
  • All BigFix Agent versions prior to v9.5.5.193
  • BigFix v9.5.5.193 Agents for Mac OS X
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Please, please say April Fools!

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As it is the 3rd right now and I wanted to update all agents today… nope, it wasn´t an Aprils Fool :frowning:

well that was confusing - was searching all over for this for a few minutes.

do we know what the issues are? the majority of my environment is already upgraded to it.

New 9.5.5 agent upgrade fixlets are now available and can be used. Any existing agents should be upgraded to to resolve an issue with the ‘line number’ inspector that could cause inaccurate content evaluation.


After the upgrade to Version 9.5.5 my clients are stuck on the date of upgrade on the console. i.e last report time on console shows 18th April which is the date I upgraded the server. However a few clients about 10 out of 6000 are updating the current last report time. On troubleshooting I’ve noted that the clients reporting fine have an old version of ActionSite.afxm while all the other clients have a latest ActionSite.afxm including the server which shows its last report time on console as 18th April. From the database on the Computer table I see ‘lastreporttime’ is today for like 98% of the clients while the ‘lastreportsent’ is 18th April. Kindly can some help me out? Also all the automatic computer groups on the console arent updating anymore :frowning:

From the FillDB.log I see this error repeating since 18th April:
Unable to parse chunk of compressed file in buffer; discarding chunk. (Client certificate revoked. Discarding message from computer 1520482)

From the BESRelay.log I have:
DatabasePropagator (6176) - Error processing file Relays.dat:Database Error: A database query unexpectedly failed to return any results.

The BESClient.log has no error and shows ‘Report posted successfully’ for each action.

I suggest that you contact IBM Support for assistance.

Thanks TimRice, will surely do