BigFix 9.5 Patch 3 is now available

The IBM BigFix team is pleased to announce the release of version 9.5 Patch 3 ( of the BigFix Platform.

The main content of this release includes APAR fixes, general bug fixes, and the following features:

  • Enhancements for BigFix Agent on Mac
    – Simplified Mac Agent Deployment (more compatible PKG installer), which reduces admin workload and accelerates control of new endpoints
    – Addressed ClientUI Launching for OSx 10.11 and greater
    – Performance Improvements

  • Enablement for BigFix Self Service Application and BigFix Query
    – The Self Service Application provides a new modern interface for end users to search, select and monitor actions deployed as offers (available later in Q4)
    – BigFix Query support for dynamic targeting (available later in Q4)

  • Enablement for standalone installation of WebUI
    – The Remote WebUI enables more BigFix deployment flexibility, detaching the WebUI from the root server to reduce resource overhead and allow the root server to be used at full capacity for other BigFix functions

  • Support for BigFix Virtual Relay on Tiny Core Linux (TCL)
    – Reduces total cost of ownership by providing minimal footprint relays that can be quickly provisioned in a virtual environment

  • Enhancements for BigFix server and client installation on MS Windows so the BigFix client can be upgraded independently from the BigFix server

  • Enablement for IBM DB2 HADR scenarios for improved resilience for critical BigFix Server components in enterprise environments

  • SHA-2 signing certificate on MS Windows binaries
    – Windows binaries are dual signed to meet Microsoft’s new binary signing requirement

  • Rest API enhancements
    – Enablement of computer assignment definition for roles
    – Enablement to change the name of a fixlet-sourced action

  • Database support for MSSQL 2016

  • Added BigFix Agent support for:
    – SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 on Power 8 Little Endian
    – Ubuntu 16.04 on Power 8 Little Endian
    – Windows Server 2016
    – Windows 10 Anniversary Update
    – MacOS 10.12 (Sierra)

Note: For current users of the WebUI, WebUI services installed by earlier versions of the BigFix Platform do not work on v9.5.3. Customers upgrading to v9.5.3 from an earlier version must reinstall the WebUI with the v9.5.3-specific installation Fixlet. Installation instructions are available here:

This release includes all Platform components.

Get more information by reading the full technical changelist at:

Useful Links:
IBM BigFix downloads and release information:
IBM BigFix Download Information and Passport Advantage instructions:
Upgrade documentation in IBM Knowledge Center

Upgrade Fixlets are available in BES Support version 1283 (or later).


The changelist does appear to be there. The .iso had the incorrect link and was just corrected

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The release note link has been fixed. The forum post you created has some information on new inspectors and we are trying to formalize that.