BigFix 9.5.12 was released 3/1/2019 with no changelog or announcement

I’m seeing BigFix 9.5.12 available in my console with a Source Released date of 3/1/2019. But, I can’t find any announcement, notes, or changelog. Is 9.5.12 supposed to be released? And, if so, when will patch notes be published?

The fixlets were published earlier today, and always are published prior to the release announcement so we can do a final round of testing against the fixlets in production. Please wait for the announcement to be published (likely later today) before treating the patch as officially released.

The source released date shows as 3/1/2019, which is why I thought it had been out for ten days without any notes.

Yeah, that date is incorrect and we’re working to get it corrected. But in general, if you don’t see an announcement in the forum or besadmin-announcements email, it is not yet officially released.


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Officially released now! BigFix 9.5 Patch 12 is now available