BigFix 8 Relay Update Fixlet Not Relevant

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Anyone else seeing an issue where the “Updated BigFix BES Relay Now Available! (Version 8.0.584.0)” fixlet (ID 722) is not becoming relevant on their relays? We went through the relevance logic using Q&A and Session Relevance Tester and the relevance that fails is "version of registration server >= “8.0”.

We are also seeing the fixlet “Updated BigFix BES Client Now Available! (Version 8.0.584.0) - 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7” with ID of 724 not being relevant on our relays either.

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  • You must upgrade your BES Server before any other components.
  • It may take up to 6 hours for your agents to recognize that the BES Server is upgraded after you have upgraded it.

We include the following note on the BES Client Fixlets:

Note: This Fixlet message will only become relevant on computers after the BES Server has been upgraded. It may take several hours for the BES Clients to notice that the BES Server is upgraded.

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Yup, had the same issue. Removed the relevance and they upgraded fine. I think its a timing issue, took nearly a day after upgrading the server for the “Updated BigFix BES Client Now Available! (Version 8.0.584.0) - 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7” to become relevant on my clients.

Seriously thought i was doing something wrong …??

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You beat me to it Tyler, at least i was on the right track :slight_smile:

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Tyler - BES Server was upgraded 1st on Monday. Clients / Relays are all reporting in fine for 48+ hours. Striaght clients are reporting the Client Update Filet as relevant. Relays are not reporting either as relevant. I hope my relays aren’t this lazy!

Steps we’ve taken so far - On all relays - Restarted BES Relay service. Restarted BES Client Service. Looked at relay logs and client logs, no visible issues.

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I am seeing the same thing. Client and Relay upgrade not relevant on Relays. Made a custom copy of the Relay upgrade fixlet and removed some of the relevance checks, then deployed it on one relay.

After running the custom fixlet the client upgrade became relevant and installed fine. When looking at relevance I find that the client is checking the relay version: if (exists regapp “besrelay.exe”) then version of regapp “besrelay.exe” >= “8.0.584.0” else true

So the client part is as expected. We upgraded the server about 20 hours ago. All client upgrade fixlet (minus the relays) became relevant within 6 hours after the server upgrade.

Maybe for some reason it takes longer for the relay to recognize the upgrade?

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There was a relevance issue with this fixlet. Fixlet 722 has just been updated and should now show up as relevant as soon as BES Support gathers the latest version.

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Jason, Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. The fixlet has indeed become relevant now on all our relays. Does the Client Upgrade Fixlet have the same relevance issue, as it still is not applicable on the relays.


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The client fixlet will become relevant on the relays once the relay on that machine is upgraded, since the relay it is reporting (itself) to is not yet updated.

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Ok, so just the relays exhibit this restricted client upgrade behavior? I ask because we have lots of clients reporting into the relays that already show the Client Upgrade fixlet as applicable, even though the relay is still version 7.

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That is correct, however the relays should be upgraded before any clients reporting to them are upgraded. It’s just with the client on the same machine as the relay, this is easy to detect and prevent so the fixlet is not relevant in that case, but with the other clients it’s not as easy to detect version of the relay it is reporting to in order to restrict.