Bigfix 2016 servers Patching issues

Hi All,

Last weekend, we scheduled monthly patching for 2016 and 2012 R2 servers.

2012 R2 servers went well and see no issues.

But, 2016 servers patching went very slow/keeps running state most of the time (we scheduled for 4 hours intervals to get action expired) and finally few become failed states and a few are in pending Restart at the end.

is this expected behavior or need to take any precautions…Can you please provide any workaround to do the patching gets fast for the 2016 OS if any of them faced similar issues with the last released updated…?

we could see the failed 2016 servers as shown below update failed on all failed 2016 servers.



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Windows 2016 patching is notoriously slow, even without BigFix.
Check if Windows Defender is enabled or not. If protected by another tool, I suggest disabling and removing Defender. It may improve performance.


HI lltc,

No, we don’t have any defender enabled on those machines. Last quarter we able to patch them in a good way and fast.

we see the difference only this quarter …please let me know if any issues with the JAN 2021 2016 Updates issue.

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I found the same thing. I had two 2016 servers that had to be done this morning. One failed on the same patch and it took at least 40 minutes before finally failing. The second completed but it also took 45 min to complete. I re-ran the failed server after it rebooted, the second attempt completed. That was only two servers. Tonight is our primary patching cycle so we will see how it performs with 100 servers.