BigFix 10.0 Patch 12 is now available!

The BigFix Team is pleased to announce the release of version 10 Patch 12 ( of BigFix Platform.

The main features in this release are as follows:

VMware Plugin enhancements
The VMware Plugin has been extended with inspectors and action commands to improve the management capabilities for both host and guest systems. For details, see Introduction to Cloud Plugins, Configuring cloud plugins, VMware Asset Discovery Plugin Inspectors and VMware Plugin Commands.

Security enhancements
Upgrade of the following libraries/drivers:
• The libcURL library was upgraded to Version 8.6.0
• ODBC driver was upgraded to version 17.10.6

Defect Articles (DA), defect fixes and Serviceability enhancements
For details, see the technical specification section below.

Additional information about this release
• The standalone BigFix tools are published under the 10.0 Utilities section in BigFix Enterprise Suite Download Center.
• A Non-Functional Requirements checklist, covering both performance and security management of your BigFix deployment, is available at BigFix Performance & Capacity Planning Resources

• See the full technical changelist.

Pre-Upgrade Considerations
• This release includes all the BigFix Platform components. It also includes the Plugin Portal that enables the Multicloud and Modern Client Management capabilities.
• The unixODBC RPM package is a prerequisite for the Server components on Linux systems (see Server Requirements). This applies to version 10.0.2 and later.
• Upgrade paths to BigFix 10 begin with v9.5.10 or later. For details, see Upgrade paths (Windows) and Upgrade paths (Linux).
• For detailed information on the specific changes to minimum supported versions of operating systems and databases for BigFix 10, see Detailed system requirements.
• Before getting started with the upgrade process, stop any active application that is connected to the BigFix database (such as Web Reports, WebUI, BigFix Inventory, or BigFix Compliance).

Useful links
BigFix downloads and release information
BigFix 10 documentation
Home page
Upgrade Windows considerations
Upgrade Linux considerations
Detailed system requirements

Upgrade Fixlets are available in BES Support version 1490 (or later).