Big Client deploy tool wizard

Hello, I was wondering if someone has experience the same issue.

I am trying to install a bunch of bigfix clients using the Client Deploy Tool wizard under the assumption that I can pick the closest Relay (where I installed the Client Deploy tool using a fixlet) and indeed the installation succeeds and in the dashboard the “Deploy by” States that it was the relay the one used for the installation, however the network guy are showing me proof that there is a big spike in the network that shows that it is from the bigfix server that the installation is occurring, of course at this point the deployment into the live environment has been halted until we ensure that the installation of the agent happens from the Relay that is in the local network.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

It must be noted that deploying a Client from a given device (whether that device is a Relay or not) does not mean that the Client will perform its initial registration with the device from which it was deployed. The initial registration by default will be with the Root Server (which likely accounts for the spike in network traffic you’re seeing from the BigFix Server).

That said, you can instruct a Client to perform its initial registration with a desired Relay at installation time via configuration. I believe this can be done by adding a custom advanced setting within the ‘Install BigFix Clients with Client Deploy Tool’ Task based on the information described here:



Hello Aram, thank you very much, your solution worked very well…one thing that is unfortunate is that I had to do 3000 servers in batches, one for every relay as the tool allows you put a list as big as you want, use as many credentials as you want, use as many deployment points as you want and pick as many OS as you want…but as you have to use the option above, you can only use on relay at the time…

Thanks for your help.

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Can some one suggest, BES client deployed machines are not reflecting in client deploy tool dashboard

What can be the issue?

I think you’ll need your own topic, with some more detail, for that question.

Julio it sounds like you’ve already finished your task, but for anyone with a similar issue in the future…

If a network spike due to client registrations is an issue, there are several potential workarounds.

First I’d suggest checking whether the client deploy actions can be staggered (I haven’t used the method so I can’t say).

Next, rather than configuring the __RelayServer value, you could configure _BESClient_RelaySelect_FailoverRelayList , and ensure you have blocked traffic between the client and all non-local relays; the client will work its way through this list until it finds a relay responding (which should be a local relay if you have the traffic blocks set up). By using a list, you can apply the same setting to all clients.