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Does anyone have any documentation on how the StandbyTool should work?

If the machine is in S3 - Sleep mode how does this wake the machine? Is it locally? or does it require being on the Network where the BigFix Infrasturcture has access in a sense is it using WOL?

Is the time specific to the local computer? or a relationship to the Main Server? For example:

runhidden __Download\StandbyTool.exe /W “01 Jan 2009 14:45:00 -0800” repeat weekly 1,UMTWRFA /name “Test WOL Sechedule”

Is the time above? how does the -0800 relate? or doesn’t it?

If the CPU Power shuts down, while in S3, how does this wake the machine?

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Also, can you have multiple Times? For example I want to have the machine wake up on Wednesday Night… @ 11:59pm than again every morning at 2 am, and maybe again on Monday at 6 am. Is this possible? with this tool… or does it only allow one entry?


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Hey Bill,

Windows supports the ability to do “scheduled wake-ups” from Standby (I believe this works in S1-S3… but I would have to double-check about S4…) This method does NOT require Wake-on-LAN.

The time is specific to the local computer at the timezone shouldn’t matter much (other than specifying the appropriate time).

If the computer is powered-off after going to standby, then I don’t believe this method works anymore (because Windows is no longer in control of the computer when it powers off).

And Yes, I believe multiple wake-up times should work just fine.