BFI report of excluded directories

Is there a report available in BigFix Inventory (BFI) that shows all of the directories that have been excluded using the “Add Excluded Directories” fixlet?

This information does not appear to be available in any of the BFI reports or settings. The documentation points to an Analysis called Excluded Directories (id 62) in the IBM BigFix Inventory Site. So you would be able to use the Console or Web Reports to view that information for any or all of your computers once that Analysis is activated.

I did find an option for Excluded Directories in BigFix Web Reports; however, I have found no information within Web Reprots about how the directories became excluded. If BigFix excludes certain directories by default, I really need to know that. Otherwise, there could be a long internal investigation trying to find out who and why.

Default excluded directories are documented here: Excluding directories from being scanned

In the BigFix Console, the Action history of Tasks 63 & 64 (Systems Lifecycle Domain, IBM BigFix Inventory Site) will tell you who may have modified the Excluded Directories settings, and when, if it was accomplished by a BigFix operator.

Excluded directories may also be adjusted manually:

You specify those directories by adding paths to the exclude_path.txt file that is in the <BES Client>LMT/CIT directory. Each path must be added on a separate line.

So there is a possibility that someone with sufficient administrative access could have modified this file directly.

Thanks, that sounds like just what I need. I don’t see that from the BigFix Inventory Console site. I see the Dashboard, Reports, and Management pages but nothing about action histories or tasks.

Is it on the BigFix Inventory Console or the BigFix Console?

Action history will be found in the BigFix Console, or in Web Reports.