Better Automatic Group mechanism

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I am working a lot with groups, and i think it would make sence to have a better automatic group assignment, as in having several group properties groups with “and / or” between them.

I also think having a “group membership” property column will be usefull.

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I would like to second this request. I would love to have an auto group that looks only for XP systems within 2 specific domains. Having only Any and All as operators is limited. Thanks.


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We would also like to support simultaneous AND and OR when specifying group membership criteria. Unfortunately it turns out that creating a simple and intuitive UI for arbitrary boolean logic is pretty difficult. We’re certainly open to suggestions!

However, note that you should be able to get all grouping behavior you’d like by nesting groups. For example, create a group for machines in the 2 domains using OR. Then create a group for machines that are XP AND are also members of the domain group.


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I finally got back to looking at this - and doing a nested group as you suggested works very well. It makes for several unnecessary groups to compase one group - but it does function properly. Thanks for that tip.