Best way to remove 2000 clients from console?

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We are selling one of our partner companies and we are removing the BES client from 2000 of thier workstations. I have a list that I can use in some kind of batch script. I did not see a way to do this with BESExpiredComputer (although I could just wait a while and run it in a week or so), and BESDeletedComputer may not be the way to go either. For many reasons, we would like for these systems to be removed from the console.

Any thoughts?

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The best way would be through the BES Console. Use the task ID# 219 in the BES Support site: TROUBLESHOOTING: Remove BES Clients

Simply target the action to the clients you would like to remove. Be careful not to hit any clients you might want to keep.


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Hello stt101,

Once you take jessewk’s suggestion to remove the clients they will still show up in the console until removed.

If you want to remove those endpoints from the view in the console then you can select them in the computers tab, right click and “remove from database…”.

If you can think of some property that all of the endpoints that are leaving share then filter in your console by that property. For example, if all the endpoints that are leaving are in one or more discrete subnets. Filter your computers list in the console by the subnets that are leaving and select all those computers and then remove them.



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I am attempting to use the “TROUBLESHOOTING: Remove BES Clients” task. I am using BigFix 7.0. This task does not actually uninstall the BigFix Client on systems where the BigFix Client was installed using the BigFix Automated Deployment Tool. The Task will uninstall the BigFix Client if it was installed using the .MSI file.

Any thoughts?

BTW - I tested this task against systems running BigFix 5.x and the task works correctly regardless of how the BigFix Client was installed.